Sunday, October 4, 2009

23 Things #1 & #2

I finally completed the first two discovery exercises in the 23 things program. The first was pretty simple---learn about the program. I read the 23 Things About & FAQs page and listened to a short introductory podcast. My supervisor at work introduced me to this program quite awhile ago, so I didn't really learn anything new so far. Nonetheless, I really like the idea of giving staff a bit of an incentive (free MP3 players!) to advance their knowledge of new and emerging technologies. I am a member of the Emerging Technologies committee at work and we briefly discussed having a technology fair to bring staff up-to-date on the newest technological devices and Web 2.0 phenoms that our customers use---and we should know how to use as well.

The second exercise consisted of viewing/listening to the 7 and 1/2 Habits (of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners) online tutorial. I feel like the hardest habit for me is "Habit 3: view problems as challenges." When I encounter obstacles, I often feel overwhelmed and this can hinder my ability to move forward in my learning endeavors, et cetera. I think the tutorial gave some really good advice, regarding this habit. Successful lifelong learners view every obstacle as a learning opportunity. I need to work on keeping that in mind---you learn from your mistakes. Good advice.

I think "Habit 2: accept responsibility for your own learning" is the easiest for me. I have always felt strongly that I can learn just about anything I want to on my own---with some help of course (this is where the public library---one of the most vital items in my learning toolbox---comes in). I feel that self-motivation and a bit of planning are key elements in anyone's quest to learn anything. The Learning Contract the tutorial creators came up with is an interesting concept---it can be important to write out goals, plans, et cetera. However, that is not for everyone. I always hated when we had to create outlines for papers in elementary school and I don't see that changing for me anytime in the near future. However, maybe I can learn to like it....

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