Sunday, October 4, 2009

23 Things #3 & #4

Exercise #3 on the 23 Things list was to create this blog and start posting.
I can't complete #4 because I am not a member of the PLCMC staff.

The replacement exercise for #4 is setting up a Twitter account. I have been putting that off forever, so it felt good to go ahead and get it over with...I was surprised to discover that some friends and acquaintances were already on Twitter (Twitter checks your email account's Contacts...and let's you know who is already on Twitter...pretty cool). Remember when being a "follower" was a bad thing?!

Anyway, I have been in love with the idea of libraries using Twitter for quite awhile (even though I am a bit more reluctant to join the bandwagon for personal use). Here is a link to a fantastic article I read about how libraries can use Twitter to reach out to their customers: Twitter for Libraries (and Librarians)

One of the best pieces of advice the author Twitter to find out what your customers are saying about your library. I did that and found a few interesting things written about the library where I work. Twitter is free, easy, doesn't take much time, and it is all the rage...why not experiment with it and see if you can communicate with your library customers through it? You have nothing to lose. I remember seeing a post on Tame the Web (librarian blog by Michael Stephens) awhile ago that showed a fantastic library display by a library looking to promote its Facebook and Twitter accounts: certainly a display I wish I had come up with.

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