Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#22 of the 23 Things

#22 of the 23 Things was meant for the original participants of the program, who were supposed to explore the contents of NetLibrary, which offers ebooks and eaudiobooks to subscribing libraries. I have used NetLibrary before, as my local public library subscribes to this service. The library that I work at also subscribes to a different e-book and e-audiobook service, I prefer the offerings on to NetLibrary---however, NetLibrary has a few features that are more user-friendly, I think. Specifically, users have the option of viewing many ebooks on the site without downloading them first. NetLibrary seems to offer a lot of classic books, while My Media Mall has a lot of contemporary materials. At any rate, I think all public libraries that can afford to do so should subscribe to a service like this one---it is really beneficial for library customers that don’t want to come into the library to get a book or audiobook (and have no issues with electronic formats). E-books and e-audiobooks are the wave of the future and services like NetLibrary will need to work with publishing companies more than ever in the future to secure digital rights to more intellectual content.

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