Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#21 of the 23 Things

#21 of the 23 Things instructed participants to use a podcast directory to locate library related podcasts. I used to find some library related podcasts. The best one that I found was a podcast from the SirsiDynix Insitute. Here is the podcastalley description: “The SirsiDynix Institute is an ongoing forum for professional development in the library community. By providing free access to industry-leading speakers and events, our mission is to support librarianship and advance the work of librarians around the world. Attend our free Web seminars as the SirsiDynix Institute presents compelling speakers selected from among leaders in librarianship and information technology.”

Since the library that I work at uses SirsiDynix as its ILS, I think podcast episodes from this feed might provide me with some useful information in the future. One of the most recent episodes was about web videos and how libraries can utilize this medium. Unfortunately, the last podcast was in July 2008…I added the RSS feed for this podcast to my Bloglines account in case they add new episodes in the future. On the podcastalley website, I also found a lot of podcasts from libraries that provide information about new library services, as well as book review podcasts. This is a great way for libraries to communicate with their users on a variety of topics----libraries can utilize podcasts to bring new information to library users and to connect with library users (if the library has a staff member that can provide an entertaining show related to new books or something like that).

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