Wednesday, October 21, 2009

23 Things # 9

#9 of the 23 Things consisted of finding feeds for my new Bloglines newsreader. I found several new feeds related to library and information science by using a variety of search tools. My favorite was Technorati, mainly because the site's design was more attractive than the Bloglines search tool. Also, even though I conducted exactly the same search on both sites, I found way more results with Technorati. I also like the popularity indexes...very useful.

I also visited (they offer a newsfeed of the site's top headlines, but I couldn't really find a search tool that would be useful in discovering other newsfeeds). This site basically is just a news aggregator, taking headlines on various topics from news sites across the globe. This site offers a really interesting, easy way to find various viewpoints/expansive coverage on a topic...I will definately keep this one in mind when helping students who are looking for information about current events. The 23 Things blog forgot to remove the link to (which is now defunct---according to a Google search). was another site suggested on the 23 Things blog...I only received eight results for a search (I received many more results by using the Bloglines search tool and Technorati). Really, Technorati seems to have the market cornered here...I have used them in the past plenty of times before to discover new blogs.

A few of the blogs that I discovered through Technorati and Bloglines are: ResourceShelf (a blog about online information resource discoveries). I had stumbled upon ResourceShelf before in the past, so I was excited to find it again through Technorati. I added it to my Bloglines blogroll so I won't forget about it again. Another blog I found is called The Shifted Librarian, which is focused on topics related to Library 2.0/the quest to make libraries more portable (as users increasingly expect information to come to them, instead of the other way around). I think this is a great idea for a blog and the blog's creator has a lot of posts on Library 2.0 topics. I would recommend checking it out.

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