Thursday, November 26, 2009

23 Things #19

#19 of the 23 Things is: explore a website from the Web 2.0 Awards list...and blog about it.

I chose a site that was listed in the category of Collaborative Writing and Word Processing. Writeboard was awarded second place in this category. According to the Web 2.0 Awards website: "Writeboard lets users edit documents while still being able to access earlier versions of the same text. Subscribe to RSS feeds of documents' changes and share documents with as many people as you like."

What I like about this online productivity tool is the fact that you can subscribe to a RSS feed of the document your group or team is working on---and view all the changes! What a great idea, especially if you are in charge of a team collaborating on an important document for work or school. I love this website and how easy they make it for writers to compare multiple versions of a document and restore changes made to their documents. Revise without fear!

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