Thursday, November 26, 2009

23 Things #17

#17 of the 23 Things is: add an entry to the Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki. We were supposed to add an entry to the Favorite Blogs page. However, even though I have a PBworks account, I was unable to add this blog to My Workspaces (accessible through my account profile). I have the privilege to add comments to the Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki; however, I was unable to obtain the privilege to edit pages. I could not obtain the privilege to create pages, either. The Favorite Blogs page was lasted edited five months ago.

I already know how to edit pages on my own PBworks wiki (a wiki that I use to share political/humor stories with my friends). I have also edited other types of wikis that I tested for the Emerging Technologies committee at work ( wikis and wikis). It really is very simple to figure out. For example, with the PBworks wikis, after you click on a link to view a specific page, there should be an "edit" tab (next to the "view" tab) at the top of the page you are viewing.

I did notice that many of my classmates added a comment to various wiki pages on the Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki...however, they were not able to edit a page. The "Recent Activity" sidebar shows that the last time the wiki was edited (not commented upon) was June 11. I added the URL of my blog to the comments section of the Favorite Blogs page.

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