Tuesday, November 24, 2009

23 Things #14

#14 of the 23 Things asked us to take a look around Technorati and blog about what we found.

1. Take a look at Technorati and try doing a keyword search for “Learning 2.0” in Blog posts, in tags and in the Blog Directory. Are the results different?

I found 50 posts for "learning 2.0" and when I searched the Blog Directory I only found 1 blog! This wasn't very surprising to me. It makes sense that there would be more blog posts about a specific subject then actual blogs about a subject (at least for a subject like this one).

2. Explore popular blog, searches and tags. Is anything interesting or surprising in your results?

Technorati's Popular section is currently "unavailable." However, I did check out the most popular videos section on the site. There were lots of videos that I had never heard of...many of the videos seemed to be amateur productions that went viral. I also found some music videos by popular artists and some popular commercials. This is a great way to discover new videos that have hit the Internet. The Top 100 (popular blogs ranked by Technorati Authority---which measures a site's influence in the "blogosphere")is another interesting portion of the site...they have some complicated explanation for how they rank the blogs at this page.

Overall, I think Technorati is a great idea...and very useful for discovering blogs, videos, or blog posts on any subject (including learning 2.0, library reference tools, et cetera).

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